Rope Thimbles for Clevis Swivels

Attaching a wire or synthetic rope to a swivel can be accomplished by using the ELECTROLINE® wire rope fitting. This is the best method of attachment and is available on models 60, 63, and 64.

If thimbles with clips are desired, the solid core thimbles shown here are recommended. The cast-steel thimbles are zinc plated and are designed to limit rope wear by preventing the rope from extending beyond the diameter of the swivel.

SKUNameRope Size (in.)Rope Size Decimal (in.)Materialhf:att:pa_rope-sizehf:att:pa_rope-size-dechf:att:pa_material
L713-4Rope Thimbles for Clevis Swivel1/20.5Zinc Plated Cast-Steel1-20-5zinc-plated-cast-steel
L713-9Rope Thimbles for Clevis Swivel3/40.75Zinc Plated Cast-Steel3-40-75zinc-plated-cast-steel
L713-8Rope Thimbles for Clevis Swivel7/80.875Zinc Plated Cast-Steel7-80-875zinc-plated-cast-steel