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Antenna Fittings

Closed Body Double Clevis Turnbuckles

SKUNameRope Size (in.)Rope Size Decimal (in.)MaterialWeightPrice
YZ-412-RClosed Body Double Clevis Turnbuckle1/80.125Naval Bronze0.5 lbs$76.4876.48
YZ-431-RClosed Body Double Clevis Turnbuckle5/160.3125Naval Bronze1.6 lbs$111.95111.95

Radio Antenna Open End Fittings

SKUNameRope Size (in.)Rope Size Decimal (in.)MaterialPrice
X-31-131-RRadio Antenna Open End Fittings5/160.3125Naval Bronze$95.9595.95

Shackle and Pin Assemblies

SKUNameRope Size (in.)Rope Size Decimal (in.)MaterialPrice
X-2843-RShackle and Pin Assemblies7/160.4375Naval Bronze$91.8491.84

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