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Electroline Applications

Electroline End Fittings and Swivels for Wire & Synthetic Rope

People everywhere believe in the superiority of swageless!

Electroline® swageless fittings require:

  • No special tools
  • No heat, chemicals or pressure
  • No swage press

Electroline® products are everywhere – just check out our galleries below and imagine how Electroline® can bring the superiority of swageless to your projects.

Customers and Applications

Eye Socket for Signage.
Denver International Airport

Stud Socket for Barriers.
Portland International Airport

Clevis Socket for Backstop.
Progressive Field (Cleveland)

Turnbuckle, Stud and Clevis for Railing.
Boardwalk (New Orleans, LA)

Life Line Fitting for Ship Railing.
U.S. Military Applications

Clevis Socket Holding TV Cameras.
Athletic Applications

Industrial Clevis Socket on Winch Line.
Industrial Applications

Stud Socket for Giraffe Enclosure.
Amusement Park and Zoo Applications


Electroline swivels and swageless end fittings for wire and synthetic rope are trusted by professionals around the world. These products can be seen in a multitude of venues such as: U.S. military ships, airports, pedestrian walkways, zoos & amusement parks, sailboats, sports stadiums, highway cable barriers and many more.

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Swageless railing assemblies specially designed for cable railing applications. Easy to install (no special tools required.) Low maintenance (weather-resistant). Highly polished, clean and streamlined designs give you more creative choices with wood and metal posts. Custom designs available.

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