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Electroline® Architectural Turnbuckle Assemblies

Turnbuckle Stud Assembly

Created for stairways with runs of moderate length. For a clean look, the fitting is assembled inside the post. For assemblies with wooden posts, fender washers are necessary.

  • Tensioning fitting
  • Four products designed to fit 3/16’’ and ¼’’ rope sizes

Classic Turnbuckle for Cement Posts

Create a more substantial architectural look or use for longer, straight runs of cable where a lot of take-up is required for proper tension. This fitting is threaded into cement posts with a drop-in anchor system.

  • Tensioning fitting
  • Comes in two versions to fit 3/16’’ and ¼’’ rope sizes

Classic Turnbuckle with Eye Post Assembly

SKUNameRope Size (in.)TakeupPrice
CE-418-STClassic Turnbuckle with Eye Post Assembly3/162-1/8$49.3049.3
CE-425-STClassic Turnbuckle with Eye Post Assembly1/42-1/8$61.9061.9

Classic Turnbuckle for Cement Posts

SKUNameRope Size (in.)TakeupPrice
CE-418-CEMClassic Turnbuckle for Cement Posts3/162-1/8$36.7036.7
CE-425-CEMClassic Turnbuckle for Cement Posts1/42-1/8$41.9541.95

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