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Electroline® Architectural Accessories & Replacement Parts

Use Electroline® Architectural Accessories to get the job done, or find replacement parts for existing installations here.

Replacement Parts

SKUNameRope Size (in.)Price
L-1040Fender Washer Replacement Part3/16
L-1035Fender Washer Replacement Part1/4
FW-518Fender Washer Replacement Part$0.840.84
FW-525Fender Washer Replacement Part$0.950.95
L-1028-2Machine Screw Replacement Part3/16
L-1028-3Machine Screw Replacement Part3/16
L-1036-2Machine Screw Replacement Part1/4
L-1036-3Machine Screw Replacement Part1/4
SCR-518-2Machine Screw Replacement Part$2.562.56
SCR-518-3Machine Screw Replacement Part$3.853.85
SCR-525-2Machine Screw Replacement Part$3.213.21
SCR-525-3Machine Screw Replacement Part$5.365.36
MEC-318Plug Replacement Part3/16$4.074.07
MEC-325Plug Replacement Part1/4$4.294.29
L-104130-Degree Finish Grommet Replacement Part3/16
L-103230-Degree Finish Grommet Replacement Part1/4
AFG-51830-Degree Finish Grommet Replacement Part$7.097.09
AFG-52530-Degree Finish Grommet Replacement Part$7.097.09
L-1040-1Finish Grommet Replacement Part3/16
L-1035-1Finish Grommet Replacement Part1/4
FG-518Finish Grommet Replacement Part$4.294.29
FG-525Finish Grommet Replacement Part$4.294.29


SKUNameRope Size (in.)Price
VGTTVice-Grip Tensioning Tool Accessory$62.4662.46
CTG-1Tensioning Gauge Accessory$129.95129.95
AK-1Assembly Kit Accessory3/16$24.7524.75
AK-2Assembly Kit Accessory1/4$24.7524.75
UT-1Wire Rope Unlay Tool Accessory1/4, 3/16

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