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Why Electroline®?

Here Are 6 Great Reasons
No swage presses. No clamps. Electroline’s 60+ years of proven performance gives you a better way to attach end fittings to wire and synthetic rope.


Why? Our Proven History.

Electroline® has been committed to quality since 1933 when Underwriters Laboratories tested the first Electroline® termination. This dedication to innovation and quality remains today.


Why? Our Engineers are Knowledge Leaders.

Custom designs
Product modifications
Technical talk & product consultation


Why? Our Proven, Simple Method.

Electroline® Industrial’s method uses 3 pieces – a sleeve, plug and an end fitting.

  • Simply slide the sleeve over the rope
  • Insert a plug into the end of the rope
  • Thread the fitting onto the sleeve.
The finished assembly is easy-to-inspect and exceeds the rated breaking strength of most ropes!


Why? Our Quick-Strong-Versatile Product Benefits.


  • Installs on-site in minutes
  • No special tools required
  • No heat, chemicals or pressure involved


  • Exceeds rated breaking strength of most ropes
  • Manufactured in forged, cast or machined materials
  • Unique dampening zone for increased rope life


  • Reusable components
  • More choices in platings/finishes
  • Many designs
  • For ropes from 1/16 to 1-1/2 inches in diameter


Why? Electroline Architectural’s Appealing Aesthetic.

Maintains open views
More creative choices with wood and metal posts
Field installable design eliminates swage marks


Electroline swivels and swageless end fittings for wire and synthetic rope are trusted by professionals around the world. These products can be seen in a multitude of venues such as: U.S. military ships, airports, pedestrian walkways, zoos & amusement parks, sailboats, sports stadiums, highway cable barriers and many more.

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Swageless railing assemblies specially designed for cable railing applications. Easy to install (no special tools required.) Low maintenance (weather-resistant). Highly polished, clean and streamlined designs give you more creative choices with wood and metal posts. Custom designs available.

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