Electroline® Industrial Wire Rope Fittings

Electroline® wire rope sleeves are the “swageless solution” to terminating the ends of wire rope and cable. Contact us with any questions about your application. We’ll connect you to the wire rope fitting solution that works best for you.

Electroline® Industrial Wire Rope Fittings

Electroline manufactures high-quality wire rope end fittings that install easily and provide reliable strength in demanding applications. Our products are used throughout a wide variety of industries, from military to transportation, construction, and more. We stock a full line of standard fittings and also fabricate custom components to your exact specifications.

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Electroline® Industrial Wire Rope Fittings

What Are Wire Rope Fittings?

Wire rope fittings are components used to secure the ends of wire rope so they can attach to another object. There are several types of fittings that come in a variety of finishes and sizes. Some of the most common types include swaged terminations, wire rope clips, poured sockets and obviously, Electroline swageless fittings. In addition to securing the ends of wire rope, these fittings serve numerous additional purposes. For example, wire rope fittings are used with electric and manual winches to securely rig heavy equipment and loads. In these applications, a wire rope clip consisting of a U-shaped bolt that features a grooved base and nuts will tightly hold the wire rope. A wire sleeve is used with the rope clip to prevent wear and damage to the cable. Assembling wire rope ends with the proper fitting is necessary for machinery operations in diverse environments.

Applications of Wire Rope Fittings

Wire rope fittings are used throughout many industries in both commercial and industrial applications. Any time a wire rope is used, a fitting is required to secure its ends and connect it to other equipment or components. Some industries that rely on wire rope fittings most frequently include: 

  • Architecture and Engineering
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Energy and Power
  • Military
  • Transportation 

Wire rope fittings are used for many heavy-duty applications that involve lifting, hoisting, supporting, or securing machinery and other components. They are also used in many non-industrial settings, such as sailboat rigging, railings for walkways, bridges, ships and with certain types of athletic equipment. 

Types of Wire Rope Fittings

Electroline offers a diverse selection of wire rope fittings, including:

  • Clevis (fork jaw) Fittings: Used in applications ranging from sailboat rigging to heavy-duty equipment, these socket fittings are available in a forged or machined series and are manufactured in various finishes including stainless steel.
  • Eye Fittings: Available in forged, machined, towing eye and oval eye series. These fittings come in various finishes including self-colored steel, zinc-plated steel, galvanized steel and stainless steel.
  • Drum Sockets and Coupling Fittings: We carry, drum sockets and coupling fittings in a variety of metals, including self-colored steel, galvanized steel, and zinc-plated steel. 
  • Stud Fittings: Electroline manufactures coarse and fine-threaded stud socket fittings in stainless steel, zinc-plated steel, galvanized steel, and self-colored steel. These fittings can be used alone or used in conjunction with a turnbuckle to tension the wire rope.
  • Turnbuckles: These fittings incorporate stud fittings that are attached to wire rope and used to adjust the rope’s tension.
  • Hooks and Eye Swivels Electroline provides swivel and non-swivel hook socket fittings; single and double-action latch kits can be incorporated into these hooks. Oval eye swivels that do not contain ball bearings are also included in the product line.
  • Life Line Fittings: Life line fittings from Electroline are primarily used on military ships, come in several varieties, including clevis fittings with and without sister hooks, and closed body turnbuckles with sister hooks. Replacement sleeves, life line insulators and life line offset eyes are also offered.
  • Antenna Fittings: These products are manufactured from naval bronze and include closed-body double clevis turnbuckles and open-end radio antenna fittings. Shackle and pin assemblies are also part of the offering. 
  • Assembly Kits: To make assembly of Electroline fittings easier, assembly kits are offered for all sizes of wire rope.  These kits include assembly blocks and a plug driver that will also help unlay the wire rope strands. 
  • Replacement Sleeves and Wire Rope Plugs: Replacement sleeves are also offered along with a full line of wire rope plugs designed to work with different of wire rope construction. 

Wire Rope Fittings From Electroline®

Electroline’s extensive selection of wire rope fittings meets the needs of nearly any application, facilitating the fit, form, and function your project requires. Our wire rope sleeves provide a swageless solution for terminating wire rope. For over 80 years, Electroline has been engineering innovative solutions that work simply and reliably, that can be installed on site without the need for special tools. Learn more or get started on your solution by contacting us today.