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Electroline® Architectural Fixed Stud Assemblies

Used for straight runs. For assemblies with wooden posts, fender washers are necessary.

  • Non-tensioning fitting
  • Comes in two versions to fit 3/16’’ and ¼’’ rope sizes

Turnbuckle Stud Assembly

SKUNameRope Size (in.)TakeupPrice
CE-418-ANGTurnbuckle Stud Assembly3/161-1/2$29.9529.95
CE-425-ANGTurnbuckle Stud Assembly1/41-1/2$37.9537.95
CE-418Turnbuckle Stud Assembly3/161-1/2$22.9522.95
CE-425Turnbuckle Stud Assembly1/41-1/2$29.9529.95

Fixed Stud Assembly

SKUNameRope Size (in.)TakeupPrice
CE-318Fixed Stud Assembly3/16$19.9519.95
CE-325Fixed Stud Assembly1/4$24.9524.95

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