Electroline® Architectural Assemblies

Electroline® Architectural railing assemblies are custom-designed for indoor and outdoor cable railings. Our American-made railings are manufactured from 316 stainless steel and can be used in both commercial and residential settings. Our products are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. Once installed, they optimize the safety and aesthetic value of any facility.

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Electroline® Architectural Assemblies

Swageless Architectural Assemblies 

Custom swageless architectural railings are a safe, durable choice for both residential and commercial settings. In a residential setting, stainless steel wire ropes provide full visibility without sacrificing safety. Similarly, in public settings, wire ropes keep people safe and integrate seamlessly with surrounding architectural features.

Swageless fittings are easily assembled on-site with ordinary hand tools. They are weather-resistant and durable.

Types of Architectural Assemblies 

Different assembly types come with unique benefits. Here are the assembly options provided by Electroline: 

  • Turnbuckle: These terminations are used to tension the wire rope and consist of right- and left-hand threaded studs that screw into an internally threaded body. When the turnbuckle body is rotated, the studs contract to tension the cable railing. 
  • Fixed eye: These assemblies can be used for stairways and angled runs.  
  • Fixed stud: This type of assembly is effective for straight runs. 
  • Accessories: We provide a variety of assembly components and replacement parts, such as assembly kits, machine screws, finish grommets, and fender washers. 

Architectural Assemblies from Electroline® 

Electroline Architectural swageless railing assemblies enhance physical safety and appearance in both residential and commercial applications, indoor and outdoor. Our stainless steel railings are all manufactured in the United States. 

Thanks to their durable materials and sturdy construction, our custom railings offer the following benefits:

  • Easy installation
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Low maintenance 

Since 1933, Electroline has produced quality products for clients in a variety of industries. We offer wire rope fittings, synthetic rope fittings, swivels, and safe-line clamps. To learn more about our services or to begin work on your railing project, contact us today.