No swage presses. No clamps. Electroline® Industrial’s 80+ years of proven performance gives you a better way to attach end fittings to wire and synthetic rope.

Electroline® Industrial’s method uses 3 pieces – a sleeve, plug and an end fitting.

  • Simply slide the sleeve over the rope
  • Insert a plug into the end of the rope
  • Thread the fitting onto the sleeve.

The finished assembly is easy-to-inspect and exceeds the rated breaking strength of most ropes!

Important Information

Rope fittings are designed for linear applications only. Never subject Electroline rope fittings to angular loads. Follow rope manufacturers’ recommendations regarding the suitability of the rope on angled surfaces such as sheaves and pulleys.

The strength of an assembly greatly depends on the type of rope used. When using Electroline terminations in an assembly, the rope is often the weakest component. Therefore, it is important to follow the rope manufacturer’s specifications regarding use, care, and suitability of the assembly. Electroline terminations should be inspected for deformation and unusual wear every time the rope is inspected.

The rated assembly breaking strengths provided with Electroline wire rope part numbers in this catalog are typical for 6 x 19 IWRC (1 x 19 IWRC in smaller sizes) carbon steel ropes. Due to customer demand regarding dimensions, forged studs (GD 300 series), open body turnbuckles (XDseries), fittings with hooks, and machined eyes (ID 200 series) are rated to Improved Plow Steel (IPS) standards. These fittings can be modified to Extra Improved Plow Steel (EIPS) standards if requested. All other carbon steel fittings conform to EIPS standards.

Stainless steel typically yields at 85% of the assembly breaking strengths listed in this catalog and may not be suitable for high load applications or re-termination purposes.

Machined fittings are at least 1.3 times stronger than the corresponding steel rope. Forged fittings, except studs, are 2.0 times stronger.

Items specified as hot-dipped galvanized include a zinc, electro-plated sleeve.