Industrial rope fittings allow you to terminate a length of wire rope and attach or anchor it to other objects while protecting the ends of the wire from fraying or bending. At the end of each fitting, there is an attachment component used to connect your terminated wire rope to another element or larger assembly. These attachments come in many styles, including clevis, eye, turnbuckle, stud, hook, and more. The style of attachment needed will be determined by your application and the performance requirements of your termination.

Within industrial rope fittings, some of the main types include swaged, swageless, poured socket, and flemish eye. These fitting categories are differentiated by the mechanism which terminates and secures the rope. Swaged fittings require a swage press to meld the fitting components together and crimp the fitting onto the cable. While swage fittings are extremely secure, they require extensive, off-site equipment to install and are not reusable. The next style of fitting, swageless fittings, differs from swaged fittings as they can be attached at the job site with no special tooling. They leverage a three-piece assembly that includes a sleeve, plug, and end-fitting which when assembled and put under tension creates an incredibly strong connection that exceeds the breaking strength of most ropes. Poured sockets, also known as spelter sockets, are made by pouring resin inside the fitting where it hardens, holding the fitting onto the wire rope. A flemish eye is a type of termination where the strands of the wire rope are divided and braided back into themselves forming an eye or loop.

Electroline® specializes in high-performance swageless fittings suitable for a broad range of applications. Some of the features and benefits of swageless fittings include:

Benefits Features
Quick & Easy
  • On-site assembly can be completed in minutes
  • No special tools required for installation
  • No heat, chemicals, or pressure involved in assembly
  • Exceeds breaking strength of most ropes
  • Manufactured in forged, cast, or machined materials
  • Unique dampening zone for increased rope life
  • Over 60 years of proven performance in a wide variety of applications
  • Can be conveniently inspected for proper assembly
  • Reusable components
  • Various platings and finishes available
  • Large variety of designs
  • Custom designs available
  • For ropes from 1/16 to 1-1/2 inches in diameter

Electroline®’s comprehensive catalog includes wire rope fittings, synthetic rope fittings, swivels, and Electroline Clamps. We also apply our expert manufacturing capabilities to craft custom fittings for clients with unique needs.

Wire Rope Fittings

Wire rope fittings include the full range of connectors, terminations, and plugs that make up wire rope assemblies. These assemblies featured prominently in rigging, mechanical automation, and motion control applications. They are also crucial in braking, mining equipment, aircraft cables, hood latch releases, levelers, and other industrial processes.

Different applications call for different fittings and different materials, such as self-colored steel, zinc-plated steel, galvanized steel, and stainless steel. The right choice depends on the desired type of connection and environmental conditions as well as the required strength and durability.

Clevis (Fork Jaw) Fittings

Types of clevis fittings include:

  • Forged Clevis Socket Fittings
  • Machined Clevis Socket Fittings
  • Industrial Clevis Socket Fittings

Eye End Fittings

Options for eye end fittings include:

  • Forged Eye Socket Fittings
  • Machined Eye Socket Fittings
  • Forged Towing Eye Fittings
  • Forged Oval Eye Fittings

Drum Socket, and Coupling Fittings

Our coupling fittings include:

  • Drum Socket Fittings
  • Coupling Fittings

Stud Fittings

Stud fittings are available for different thread widths:

  • Coarse Thread Stud Socket Fittings
  • Fine Thread Stud Socket Fittings


Our broad selection of turnbuckles includes:

  • Open Body, Forged – Clevis and Socket Turnbuckles
  • Open Body, Forged – Double Socket Turnbuckles
  • Closed Body, Machined – Clevis and Socket Turnbuckles
  • Closed Body, Machined – Double Socket Turnbuckles
  • Closed Body, Machined – Double Clevis Turnbuckles

Hooks and Eye Swivels

Common hooks and eye swivels for wire rope assemblies include:

  • Swivel and Non-Swivel Hook Socket Fittings
  • Oval Eye Swivels (No Ball Bearings)
  • Safety Latch Kits

Life Line Fittings

Here are our life line fittings:

  • Clevis Fittings with Sister Hooks
  • Clevis Fittings Without Sister Hooks
  • Closed Body Turnbuckles with Sister Hooks
  • Life Line Insulators
  • Life Line Offset Eyes
  • Replacement Sleeves

Antenna Fittings

These are our antenna fittings:

  • Closed Body Double Clevis Turnbuckles
  • Radio Antenna Open End Fittings
  • Shackle and Pin Assemblies

Sleeves and Assembly Kits

Electroline® fittings consist of a sleeve, a plug, and an end fitting. We offer individual sleeves and assembly kits for ropes of all standard sizes.

Wire Rope Plugs

Standard and custom wire rope plugs join the fitting to the rope and are key to the components’ holding power. Use this chart to determine the appropriate plug based on the rope’s construction and size.

Electro-Mechanical Cable Fittings

Modern electro-mechanical cables combine optical fibers with power and signal conductors. The strength element is either steel or synthetic rope. Electroline fittings have proven to be a superior method of terminating single, double or triple-armored steel conductor core cable. Assembly of the termination utilizes the same wedging principle employed by Electroline wire rope terminations. Therefore, assembly is quick and easy, and provides the holding strength unsurpassed by other cable terminations.

Synthetic Rope Fittings

Synthetic ropes are flexible, lightweight, and extremely durable, with the ability to withstand tough environmental conditions. Synthetic ropes are also versatile and cost-effective, suitable for applications such as winch lines, heavy lift slings, specialty mooring, and working lines. With synthetic rope, a flemish eye can be used to terminate. This is where a loop is created at the end of the rope and the fibers are separated and then braided back into the original line. This type of termination is limited to a loop and does not allow for other types of attachments.

Electroline®’s synthetic rope fittings feature the same simple three-step installation procedure as wire rope fittings and a similar range of end fittings. However, this line of fittings is specially designed for compatibility with synthetic rope materials such as Nylon, Mylar, Dacron, Polyester, and Polypropylene. Our options include:

Please contact us for terminating synthetic materials that are not listed above.


Swivels are specialized fittings designed for tension-stringing applications such as transmission and distribution lines. These fittings are made from a high-strength alloy of or 316 stainless steel. Electroline® offers swivels for all applications and rope types.

3000 Series Roller Bearing Swivels

3000 Series swivels are the most economical option, incorporating a single roller bearing for the smooth rotation of short cables.

6000 Series Gold Band™ Swivels

6000 Series swivels incorporate two or more precision ground angular contact bearings to support higher rotational speeds and longer cable lengths.

Gold Band® Oceanographic and Specialty Swivels

These specialty swivels are custom-tailored for specific settings such as oceanic applications.

7200 Series 90-Degree Connectors (Non-Swiveling)

Non-swiveling 90-degree connectors create stable connections between components in rigging or rope assemblies.

Rope Thimbles for Clevis Swivels

Zinc-plated cast-steel rope thimbles produce a secure and durable connection.

Replacement Clevis Pins

Replacement pins are also available.

Electroline Clamps

Electroline Clamps are easy-to-install terminations that can be installed in the field just like Electroline’s swageless fittings without the need for expensive tooling. These zinc-plated clamps create smooth, snag-free connections that are rated with an efficiency of over 90% of rated wire rope strength.

Why Choose Industrial Rope Fittings by Electroline®?

Every wire or synthetic rope assembly is only as secure as its termination. Electroline® offers a full line of quality, innovative rope end fittings designed for utmost strength and durability. Our terminations are easy to install and exceed the rated breaking strength of most ropes, so you can be confident that they will withstand the toughest operating conditions.

For help identifying the right fittings for your needs or to request a custom solution, contact the team at Electroline® today.

Important Information

Rope fittings are designed for linear applications only. Never subject Electroline rope fittings to angular loads. Follow rope manufacturers’ recommendations regarding the suitability of the rope on angled surfaces such as sheaves and pulleys.

The strength of an assembly greatly depends on the type of rope used. When using Electroline terminations in an assembly, the rope is often the weakest component. Therefore, it is important to follow the rope manufacturer’s specifications regarding use, care, and suitability of the assembly. Electroline terminations should be inspected for deformation and unusual wear every time the rope is inspected.

The rated assembly breaking strengths provided with Electroline wire rope part numbers in this catalog are typical for 6 x 19 IWRC (1 x 19 IWRC in smaller sizes) carbon steel ropes. Due to customer demand regarding dimensions, forged studs (GD 300 series), open body turnbuckles (XDseries), fittings with hooks, and machined eyes (ID 200 series) are rated to Improved Plow Steel (IPS) standards. These fittings can be modified to Extra Improved Plow Steel (EIPS) standards if requested. All other carbon steel fittings conform to EIPS standards.

Stainless steel typically yields at 85% of the assembly breaking strengths listed in this catalog and may not be suitable for high load applications or re-termination purposes.

Machined fittings are at least 1.3 times stronger than the corresponding steel rope. Forged fittings, except studs, are 2.0 times stronger.

Items specified as hot-dipped galvanized include a zinc, electro-plated sleeve.