Electroline Safe-Line Clamps

Electroline® Safe-Line Rope Clamps are great solutions for field installations that require quick, easily thimbled rope terminations – more reliable than rope clips. Designed only for 6 x 19 IWRC or 7 x 19 right regular-lay wire rope sizes 1/8″ thru 3/4″, the cadmium plated Safe-Line Clamp assembly includes a two-piece plug and cold-finish bar-steel socket.

The finished assembly provides a neat, clean profile (similar to a swage fitting) with no sharp edges or loose ends to snag and features a strong hold. The Safe-Line Clamp is rated with an efficiency of over 90% of rated wire rope strength. The clamp meets or exceeds all requirements for Military Standard MS-16843 and conforms to Federal Spec. FFC-450.

SKUNameRope Size (in.)Rope Size Decimal (in.)Torque to AssembleClamp Assembly FinishPricehf:att:pa_rope-sizehf:att:pa_rope-size-dechf:att:pa_torque-to-assemblehf:att:pa_clamp-assembly-finish
AC-1050YSafe-Line Clamp1/20.5575Yellow Zinc Plated$97.841-20-5575yellow-zinc-plated
AC-1075YSafe-Line Clamp3/40.751300Yellow Zinc Plated$123.293-40-751300yellow-zinc-plated
AC-1018YSafe-Line Clamp3/160.187580Yellow Zinc Plated$45.213-160-187580yellow-zinc-plated
AC-1025YSafe-Line Clamp1/40.25145Yellow Zinc Plated$37.931-40-25145yellow-zinc-plated
AC-1031YSafe-Line Clamp5/160.3125225Yellow Zinc Plated$52.535-160-3125225yellow-zinc-plated
AC-1037YSafe-Line Clamp3/80.375325Yellow Zinc Plated$60.093-80-375325yellow-zinc-plated
AC-1012YSafe-Line Clamp1/80.12535Yellow Zinc Plated$31.131-80-12535yellow-zinc-plated

Electroline Clamps

The Electroline Clamp is a strong and simple wire rope clamp design that is used to terminate a length of wire rope. It does this by looping the loose end of a wire over a thimble, creating an eye, and securing the end back onto itself. Other designs for wire rope clamps use a series of U-bolt clips, which have several components and require particular spacing and installation. Safe-Line clamps use three elegant components which both secure the wire and safely enclose the loose end. With this design, assembly is streamlined and installation is simplified, lowering the risk for improper use.

Whereas many fittings must be installed in a shop with specialized tooling, Electroline clamps do not. This makes them an ideal option for applications that require field installation and fast, easily thimbled rope terminations. When properly installed, these clamps are totally enclosed: leaving no loose ends or rough edges. This means the loose end of the wire is properly secured with no risk of snagging on clothing or machinery.

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Electroline Wire Rope Clamps


Advantages of Using Electroline Clamps

Because Electroline clamps can be assembled on-site, they eliminate the need for time-consuming installation in off-site shops. In addition to their simple installation, Safe-Line clamps are incredibly strong and maintain over a 90% efficiency of rated wire rope strength.

Other advantages include:

  • Totally enclosed profile, which means no loose wire strands to snag and cause safety issues
  • Zinc-coated to protect from corrosion
  • Compatible with several assembly methods
  • Simpler and quicker assembly than U-bolt clips
  • No protruding ends allow for easy pulling and dragging applications
  • Meets or exceeds MS-16843 conditions for military-grade standards

Electroline Clamps – Assembly

While the U-bolt assembly requires tightening and retightening of bolts, the design of an Electroline wire rope clamp aligns intuitively and provides ample thread length, making the nut easy to start. There is also a generous wrenching area to help prevent slippage. Electroline clamps are easy to install in the field with just a portable vice and a wrench. These clamps are designed to be reused without the risk of compromising joint integrity. However, it is important to note that Electroline clamps must be reused as a pair. A half clamp from one assembly cannot be used with a clamp from a different pair as this may cause cross threading.

Another unique feature of Electroline clamps is their ability to “breathe” with the load. This ability entails the following:

  • The clamp holds positive grip and maintains an efficiency rating over 90% of rated rope strength.
  • Tightening the nut dilutes elasticity and prevents the rope from slipping.
  • The hoop tension fluctuates with wire-rope tensions, the nut breathes with the load, enabling it to follow the reduced cross-section of the rope.

Electroline Clamps

Electroline® Rope Clamps are the perfect solution for field installations needing easy thimbled rope terminations. The modules were designed explicitly for right-regular-lay 7×19 and 6×19 IWRC rope constructions from ⅛” to ¾”. The zinc-plated Electroline Clamp assembly features a plug with two matching pieces and a socket. The final product features a sleek profile and a strong hold.

As part of the Esmet family of companies, Electroline® is a trusted global provider of swageless end fittings and swivels suitable for synthetic and wire rope. We create two lines of high-quality products: Electroline® Industrial and Electroline® Architectural. Our capabilities include milling, turning, drilling, metal fabrication, welding, tapping, and assembly.

Our products have been adopted into various industries, including U.S. military ships, pedestrian walkways, airports, highway cable barriers, and many more. Our manufacturing workforce includes skilled programmers, machinists, welders, and assembly personnel. Get in touch with our representatives today to learn more about our capabilities and how we can help you with your next project. You can also locate a distributor close to you.