Electroline Safe-Line Clamps

Electroline® Safe-Line Rope Clamps are great solutions for field installations that require quick, easily thimbled rope terminations – more reliable than rope clips. Designed only for 6 x 19 IWRC or 7 x 19 right regular-lay wire rope sizes 1/8″ thru 3/4″, the cadmium plated Safe-Line Clamp assembly includes a two-piece plug and cold-finish bar-steel socket.

The finished assembly provides a neat, clean profile (similar to a swage fitting) with no sharp edges or loose ends to snag and features a strong hold. The Safe-Line Clamp is rated with an efficiency of over 90% of rated wire rope strength. The clamp meets or exceeds all requirements for Military Standard MS-16843 and conforms to Federal Spec. FFC-450.

SKUNameRope Size (in.)Rope Size Decimal (in.)Torque to AssembleClamp Assembly FinishPricehf:att:pa_rope-sizehf:att:pa_rope-size-dechf:att:pa_torque-to-assemblehf:att:pa_clamp-assembly-finish
AC-1050YSafe-Line Clamp1/20.5575Yellow Zinc Plated$97.841-20-5575yellow-zinc-plated
AC-1075YSafe-Line Clamp3/40.751300Yellow Zinc Plated$123.293-40-751300yellow-zinc-plated
AC-1018YSafe-Line Clamp3/160.187580Yellow Zinc Plated$33.633-160-187580yellow-zinc-plated
AC-1025YSafe-Line Clamp1/40.25145Yellow Zinc Plated$37.931-40-25145yellow-zinc-plated
AC-1031YSafe-Line Clamp5/160.3125225Yellow Zinc Plated$52.535-160-3125225yellow-zinc-plated
AC-1037YSafe-Line Clamp3/80.375325Yellow Zinc Plated$60.093-80-375325yellow-zinc-plated
AC-1012YSafe-Line Clamp1/80.12535Yellow Zinc Plated$31.131-80-12535yellow-zinc-plated